By chance, is Muse a bit of an inspiration?

Haha, you caught me! Yes, Muse has been an enormous inspiration to me, both lyrically and as artistic inspiration. They are one of the largest reasons I became inspired by cosmological phenomenon. 


Space Shot of the Day: A Protoplanet forming?
A group of international astronomers led by Dr. Sascha Quanz have found what appears to be the genesis of a planet in a neighboring solar system. Located approximately 335 light years from Earth, the scientists believe it will take the planet tens of thousands of years to reach its full potential size.
Will you please make a general announcement when you're selling your pieces? Please and Thank-you.

Yes, indeed! I will make sure everyone knows. C: 

1. Nebula

 In death, a Star has the ability to cast off its mortal body to be reborn as a Nebula. And in the beginning, there were five of these Nebulae. They were structures unlike any other, powerful and brilliant. The natural order, insured by Dark Matter, suggests that these Nebula continue to produce Stars, and that they recognize the sacrifice of the Star who made their birth possible. But many of the Nebulae believe that they are more perfect than Stars, being that they have the ability to create them. Other Nebulae, like the Eagle Nebula, are protective and support the creation of Stars. 
 One of these Nebulae, the Emission Nebula, became fascinated by the Stars that surrounded him, for they alighted him with brilliant colors. Enthralled by his own wild and beautiful plumage, the Emission Nebula created new Stars, purely in vain, to illuminate himself, for he thought himself more beautiful than anything in the Universe. He created four massive Stars called the trapezium who were in charge of preening him, keeping him bright and more beautiful than anything else in the sky. 
 Other Nebulae detested him. Because of his brightness, the Reflection Nebula was scorned and pushed away, left as a nearly invisible force in the Universe, and only becoming illuminated by passing Stars. The Planetary Nebula desired to look like the Stars he was born from, because he believed the Stars to be more superior than any other energy in the Universe. The Supernova Remnant, created from a violent explosion, mourns the White Dwarf, the soul of a deceased Star at the center of its body, choosing not to participate in the creation of new Stars. And the Dark Nebulae, ashamed of the vanity exhibited by the Emission Nebula, seek intellect and order, covering up the other’s brilliant colors by washing over them in the form of a black cloud. 
Do you have any plans to sell any of your art? I mean on a public scale (i.e. etsy, etcetera) so that one could easily obtain your pieces? No judgement if you have no intention of that. I'm simply in love with what you are doing here.

Yeah, I’ll be selling prints on etsy soon, I’ll let you know when they’re available. I’m glad to know that you’re interested!

2. Star Birth 
 There once was a Star who longed to achieve eternal life for himself and for his children. So he and his companion, a star named Sirius, fought against Gravity, the force who led all Stars into death. But Gravity was strong and persistent and in their epic battle the Star was destroyed. In a last ditch effort to protect his three daughters, the Star cast, with the rest of his strength, a giant Nebula in the shape of a monstrous bird. This Nebula swallowed up the Star’s children where they would live inside his belly, safe from harm.  In an act of revenge for attacking him, Gravity gathered his forces and slipped into the belly of the Nebula as it was forming, exposing the three daughters. Without the strength to destroy Gravity’s soldiers, Sirius and the three daughters, Hydrogen, Helium and Dust absorbed Gravity into themselves, giving them Gravity’s powers of compression.  Within the Nebula, the daughters learned that by sacrificing equal parts of themselves and compressing them into a ball of energy, they had the ability to create Stars. So they decided to create new warriors in the likeness of their father, to go out and fight Gravity’s forces. Each Star that they created, however, was imperfect, as they were unable to replicate their father. So they persist, filling the sky with hundreds upon thousands of unique stars. 
3. Supermassive Black Hole
 In the time of chaos, thousands of Stars burst to life out of the massive matrix of dust and gas that filled the Universe. These Stars were enormous and greedy, absorbing large quantities of gas and dying in massive explosions, leaving behind monsters, residues of violence and greed: Black Holes. 
 One of these monsters thought himself more powerful than the rest, and therefore deserving of the limbs, tails, eyes and heads of his brethren. So he consumed his brothers one by one, gaining new features, multiple heads with large mouths, several tails, and hundreds of arms and legs. But one thing prohibited him from finding his brothers was the dust and gas that obscured them from his vision. So with all of his heads, he began consuming the dust in massive gulps. As he ate, however, he became unable to contain the hunger of his multiple heads, and began to thrash about, his stomach bursting. His massive intake began spin the dust around him into a massive whirlpool. The Stars around him, afraid of being consumed, poisoned his food, and the Black Hole became sick, expelling the dust in two massive streaks, snake like Quasars like a beacon in the quiet sky. His other heads continued to eat, pulling the poisoned dust into his gut where he immediately vomited it out again. The hot dust ripped at his throats until he became fatigued, absorbing all the dust in the area, and leaving the stars to circle him at a safe distance. The monster coiled in on himself, resting and unable to eat where he would remain for eternity.